Friday, May 9, 2008

Super Green!

I love the springtime colors, so super green and rich. It's such an inspiring time of year so don't let it pass you by without rolling up your sleeves. 
The new furniture pieces are so cool but what a chore to constantly refine the design, materials and means of production. I can't wait to be up and running with full production models available this summer. 
I've also moved agency's so I hope to be back on the air in the near future with some design related show.
With design in mind, think about bringing the outdoors inside right now with some spring greens and sky blues. Those colors are a can't miss! Another good hit is to replace some dated light fixtures. Maybe start with your foyer and do one each month. Pretty easy, (don't forget to turn off the power at the breaker) and very rewarding in bringing new life into your home. 
Now go do it! Cheers.