Thursday, October 16, 2008

The "Lost Keys" Incident

I nearly forgot to mention a crazy incident I had at this years Summer Las Vegas Market.
With temperatures in the 100 to 110 range, my body's cooling system is not so kind to my clothing... translation; I tend to look like I just came out of a dunk tank. Not so good for on-camera work. So I valet park my Camry Hybrid (note; the word Hybrid) in order to avoid walking a mile in the heat and I head off to shoot all day for the "Style File" video. 
Upon finishing the shoot I am soooo ready to get back to the Hotel, maybe lounge in the lovely salt water pool and then out for a meal at one of my favorite dinner spot's like Spago at Caesar's or Mon Ami Gabi at Paris. Sounds grand, huh! Well, the problem arose when the parking attendant at Las Vegas Parking informed me that I must have kept the car key. 
Now understand that with a hybrid car the key is necessary to start the car, it is not needed to turn it off so... yeah, you get the idea. Well, I was SURE that I had given them the key so round and round we went about where the key could be. They called anyone and everyone who could have parked my car that AM and no-one seemed to recall getting a key, but I was SURE I had left it. The owners son finally drove me to my hotel while they searched for it and looked into getting the car towed to the dealer and re-set the code for a new key... aaaaarrgh!
A little lesson in modern entry systems on automobiles is as follows; the vehicle has a push button starter but the key fob must be in close proximity to the car to start it up. In the event that I just might be wrong about my recollection I had walked to the car with my rolling bag and computer bag, getting right up against the car. That way I could be sure the key was not somewhere in there. Alas, the system had vindicated me by NOT registering the keys presence.
Skip to the hotel and I'm finally in my room waiting for the valet to call and unpacking my clothes and show swag when what should I find but... the KEY! No way!
While it was a really frustrating situation I just have to say that all the guys (and one girl) at Las Vegas Parking were AMAZING!!!!! They were so kind to me and never made me feel like the idiot that I was. What a great group of people! Shout out to everyone at Las Vegas Parking... You Are THE BEST!

Summer Market in Las Vegas...

What a blast! This one was unusually fun with a trip to L.A. before heading to LV and by the way my Toyota Camry Hybrid got 34+ mpg on my combined driving in L.A., Vegas and in between, wow. What's not to like about that. If you haven't tried a hybrid car do yourself a favor and check one out. Oh, and as for the urban folklore regarding all the battery service problems... ask someone to name an actual person who experienced it. That's why it's called urban folklore no doubt purveyed by all naturally aspirated vehicle producers, (nice try).
Ok, back to Vegas. The market kicked off, and I mean KICKED OFF with a concert by legend Rod Stewart. It was crazy good with giant screens down the entire length of the building and pumping sound!
Backtrack... during the day on Monday I had the privilege of doing a photo shoot for a Las Vegas Home & Design magazine feature. The photographer was Tomas Muscionico who did a fantastic job making me look better than I do. Hey, that's talent baby! Check him out at

Next for me was the "Style File" video shoot on Tuesday and market was jumping. I always love to see what's hot, what's new. The Living green pavilion featuring all kinds of home furnishings produced using recycled, sustainable and renewable materials... great stuff!

Check out "Style File" on my website by clicking the button of the same name. You can see a few of the great products that were showcased at World Market Center this summer. Very cool products! Check back soon.