Friday, March 12, 2010

The Lure of the UK

So here it is waaaaaay beyond my last entry and I've decided to summarize my UK trip and move on to blogging only about design and the creative.
My time in the UK was so pleasant and inspiring! I was there to allow my mother to travel to places she had enjoyed while living there in the 70's and visit a few friends who she'd not seen in years. It was by all accounts a success.
Friends were older and places had changed but the allure of our 70's temporary home was still there. We spent a couple days in Edinburgh, Scotland and a few days around Nottingham (where we used to live). We eventually made our way to Cambridge which for me offered a truly magical evening. I went out for a walk after my mother had turned in for the night, making my way downtown toward the colleges. Most stores were closed and a light sprinkling rain had ended. The balmy damp air felt so right... so England. I sat in front of a long row of the colleges, sipping on a cappuccino at about 9pm. The sky was clear and soft with the now set sun back lighting the outline of the buildings architecture. The color of the sky was the deepest indigo blue I've ever seen with a glowing outline of orange at the buildings edges. Below the intricate horizon were randomly lit windows emanating a soft creamy yellow light. I could not escape the thoughts of all the students, some incredibly famous but most not who had spent some of their most exciting years in those halls. Not for decades as would be the case in America, but for centuries. Hundreds of years of history, people, stories and events. Thank you Mom and thank you England!