Monday, February 16, 2009

Ah California. It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful it is in CA. If you've never been there... go there. If you've been there before... go back for another visit. 
I'm out in LA for some great meetings and on my down-time I try to do some fun and some educational things while keeping up with the workout schedule. If I can combine them all the better. Yesterday was a shining example of just that.
Awake @ 3:45am in Indianapolis
Fly out of Indy @ 6am
Arrive in LA @ (you gotta love the @ symbol... it's so hip) 10:50am with a full day ahead of me to relax and enjoy. I was amused at (the grammatical "at" that is) the perspective of the woman sitting beside me on the plane who remarked upon hearing that the outside temp was 50 degrees, "oh my, it's freezing outside" to which I felt compelled to respond, "hey, to a Hoosier who spent his anniversary in Chicago, walking 4 blocks to the restaurant for dinner in -18 below weather... this is not freezing baby". Of course I didn't use the "baby" with this kindly old woman but you get the point. 
So I disembark (that doesn't even look like a word) rent my Toyota Prius hybrid, (what a great car) and head for the Topanga State Park where I rent a mtn bike for a two hour ride into the Santa Monica mtn's. Wow! What a fantastic ride! I rode up and up and up until I found myself at a dead-end overlook where you gaze out over the Pacific Ocean. To the north were the mountains above Malibu that looked like velvet brains pouring into the ocean. To the west was, duh the Pacific Ocean, (really gorgeous) and the coast line with all the beach cities stretching as far as you could see. Finally, there was LA's downtown popping right up out of the valley as if someone had sprinkled some seeds of architecture and it just grew on it's own. 
Once I returned the parking lot I decided to venture into the neighborhood and check out the local flavor of residential homes. My cruise through the Topanga Canyon streets offered a fascinating display of all things California with everything from 70's hippie hold-ups to amazing terraced landscaping hosting some fully modern homes. Really great, inspiring houses!
Thanks Topanga Canyon!
Later this week I'm heading to the Eames Museum for a bit of mid-century design inspiration, (and worship)! Can't wait. If you're not familiar with Charles & Ray Eames, they were arguably the most celebrated [furniture] designers of the 20th century and man were they talented! Google them and check them out... you'll love their incredible and truly classic designs.
That's it for now... more to come. Type ya soon!