Sunday, January 4, 2009

Change is good... pass it on.

HAPPY 2009!!!
Hope it was a great holiday season for everyone! I WILL be blogging regularly this year so I hope you'll check back often and enjoy. 
If you haven't checked out my recent feature in Las Vegas Home & Design mag yet please do so. I was so honored to be included in the fall '08 issue and Wow did they do a great job! It's the link on the top right of my homepage if you missed it.
Take note of the three design pics that are in that mag. The Shanklin Residence will be featured in an upcoming "Trad-Mod Makeover" video I will be offering soon. I know many of you have older, traditional home's that you'd like to update in a fresh and modern way without losing the character and integrity of the original homes design... well this video's for you!
I'll also be making some major changes in my own home with video tips from that one too. Full-on creative mayhem that will show how my crazy creative head works in the whole process. 
Oh, and yes I'm way behind on the furniture but... the Frank Suspended Lounge Chair & Ottoman is nearly done and will soon be on the site. It will be worth the wait!
So much more coming this year. Heading to L.A. soon for some meetings... sssshhhhh (!)
And what do I do for inspiration in Indiana in the winter. Check out these pics of Villa Dakota (my abode) covered in ICE and mountain biking in freezing temps on a frozen lake bed with friends Adan and Peter. Hard to not be inspired when you look at those barren trees rising out of the lake, eh?
Change is good. Pass it on!
Cheers, Tym