Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Villa Gets a Makeover!

It was time. After many years of enjoying our house with it's groundbreaking "Birch Plywood Flooring" and multi-color wall palette, it was time, (or should I say Tyme) to re-imagine the residence. Soooo what better way to start than with a fresh new palette of grays & whites.
Just what a neo post modern villa needs!
The plywood came out and in went this beautifully sustainable strand woven bamboo hardwood.
To compliment the wood, I used a dark gray Italian porcelain tile in the kitchen and wrapping the bar area as well.
So many times the most inspiring pieces of the design process are little ones. Things that come to mind right in the midst of execution. These are what makes creating & designing so exciting!
For me it was the thin strip of aluminum that I used to separate, (or might that be join) the living room's wood floor from the kitchen porcelain. It's just the thing to make the floors pop.
And yes that is an Eames Sofa Compact. I found the sofa sitting in a friends old sawmill in rural Pennsylvania and realized it was a very early Eames piece with only two braces instead of the current three. WooHoo!

The new surroundings are energizing and I am completely enjoying them.
Hope you do too!

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