Monday, December 5, 2011

Living in LA

That's right. Just got a place in Old Town Pasadena 10 miles out of downtown LA and I'm starting to settle in. It's a great location only two blocks off of Colorado Blvd. (think Beach Boys hits) and only five min's to San Gabriel Mtn's!
I must admit that with moving in the day before Thanksgiving, (which happened to also be my birthday this year... yea!) I have had little time to get into design mode for the new digs. The current "move-in" furnishings are a vintage Ikea (seriously, this stuff is about 15yrs old) inflatable sofa and two chairs that I used in a Las Vegas showroom I designed for Blizzard Skis and a few very cool mid-century & 70's pieces that I thrift shopped around LA.
Soon, and very soon I will be sharing some videos of the apt. makeover or should I say "make" since it is cream walls w/ beige carpet. Yeah, its bad but just wait until I get to it! Should be a ton of fun.
Cheers, Tym

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shubie said...

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